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Bold decisions protect low-income people from the damages of the economic crisis

Day after day, the relationship between President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian people is getting stronger, a people that stands firmly behind its leader and a leader that trusts in the strength of its people and its ability to bear burdens and difficulties and depends on a policy of frankness and openness in steps and events, so the mutual trust was between the political leadership and the people.

A leader who loves his people.. and a people who trusts his boss

President El-Sisi is keen to convey the true image of the people, by following the method of frankness and openness in all situations, this was confirmed by Dr. Tarek Fahmy, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, who explained that this matter has built what can be considered as frankness, credibility and important spontaneity with the people. , especially since the president uses simple, easy and public language and thus has a very positive impact, and the matter does not depend on frankness and disclosure only, but that the matter was done in parallel with the presidential directives of the government and various state agencies, and as a result, a package of important economic decisions aimed at protecting citizens from The repercussions of the global crisis and it was an important step to emphasize an important principle in the policy of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which is to protect the simple, relieve the suffering of the citizen and support all classes.

He added that Egypt is an integral part of the world in light of the negative repercussions of events, and therefore the president’s messages find evidence of the approach taken in openness and frankness with the people, and informing citizens of all measures taken in dealing with the major global crises that we are witnessing, and there is another part that must be noted. To him, which is that the president’s messages and directives extend to include investors, and reassure them of the economic situation in Egypt and the security stability and sustainable development it is experiencing in accordance with its grand vision, while preserving the economic reform gains achieved and continuing financial and monetary discipline by taking all measures that would Enabling the Egyptian state to preserve all the gains achieved by the economy during the difficult periods that have passed, taking into account the social dimension and social protection, noting that the final say is that President Sisi follows the approach of transparency and frankness with the people, and to reveal direct trends towards the files being discussed, In addition to clarifying to the people any rumors or colorful news such as confronting terrorism and conveying real images of the economic burden.

Dr. Ikram Badr El-Din, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, said that the method of frankness and disclosure, which President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has always relied on in all situations and events, enhances trust between the leadership and the people. destabilizing the security and stability of this country, and it is also the first line of defense against any attempts to shake confidence between the people and the leadership, adding that the principles of dealing established by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi burden the relationship between him and the people, as working to establish principles in dealing, which he always refers to The president is considered one of the pillars of trust, and increases credibility and transparency between the people and their president, which makes citizens feel free to deal, and to seek solidarity and cooperation among the various groups of the people to stand behind the presidency and the government to reach the desired goal.

He pointed out that the password here is “trust”, and it is not formed and achieved except through clarity and frankness, and this is what the president always does periodically and deliberately to make all points clear to citizens so that the facts are crystal clear and so that the minds of Egyptians are not tampered with by bats. Darkness, as he speaks to us in the language of numbers and statistics to confirm the sincerity of what he is proposing. For Egypt, he lists facts and figures to put before the citizens to learn about the country’s economic situation. It also addresses the magnitude of the risks and challenges it faces, and the talk is honest and transparent, so that the Egyptians know the extent of the conspiracies being hatched against their homeland.

As for Dr. Amal Al-Ghazawy, professor of media at the Canadian International College, she said that President Sisi relies in his speeches in general and with regard to the economic crisis in particular on the method of openness and frankness to the people. 2011 with regard to the economic situation and what we are in at the beginning of this year, and what we need now to unite to set a different economic vision, focusing on priorities and production to get the least losses out of the current global economic crisis, she added that President El-Sisi set his plan for reform and a roadmap for the next stage, as well as His emphasis on the interdependence between the nation’s fabric to confront challenges, explaining that the volume of growth does not match the existing population increase, which is an undeniable fact that eats all the fruits of development. , long-term, and mobilizing the determination to confront any dangers facing the nation.

She said that the president sent a message of reassurance to the Egyptians about the strategic stockpile of goods, as well as emphasizing the commitment to preserving Egypt’s water rights, and emphasizing the pursuit of more reforms, which aim to improve the life of citizens in all parts of the republic, and provide social protection so that they can live a decent life. Adding that what the president says is not just slogans, but it resembles the laws that all state institutions must follow, which hinders the fragmentation or separation scheme that many seek to undermine Egypt’s security and stability, as there are parties, even countries, and organizations that always seek to trap Egyptians into a trap. Discrimination, but with frankness and transparency between the people and their president is the most important ingredient for confronting conflicts and the despicable purposes that seek to harm Egypt and its people, and that the personal and continuous follow-up by President Sisi is the real secret behind the government’s achievement of major national projects throughout the country, with high-level standards and in unprecedented times. globally.

Dr. Mustafa Abu Zeid, an economist, says that one of the most important factors for the success of President Sisi’s achievements is the mutual trust between the political leadership and the people. that the country went through, but they were confident that he could achieve the hopes and aspirations of the people, adding that the Egyptian citizen showed his original metal in the past years by facing difficulties and challenges, whether political, economic or in the face of terrorism, and he stood behind the president and supported him in all his decisions, so he It is considered the secret of success and the main partner in all the achievements that have been achieved over the years, and the president always emphasizes this and gives credit to the Egyptian people, and one of the factors for the success and advancement of the state is frankness between the president and his people. Egypt is going through it and the troubles and what has been achieved so far. There was a participation in the efforts, as well as careful scientific planning by developing strategies and allocating time periods for projects, in addition to the president’s follow-up to all of that and Constant communication with the people and the new generation to be aware of everything.

She added that all of these previous factors contributed greatly to increasing trust between the citizen and the president, and making the people believe in the idea and its ability to achieve success, and these are the basic features of the Egyptian people, which will make them continue to achieve achievements, construction and development, and to overcome burdens whatever they may be, for their confidence that His leadership is capable of realizing his hopes and advancing the state. We now see Egypt’s role in all summit meetings with world leaders, which reflects Egypt’s strength and the strength of its leadership.

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